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A cardio workout that includes some of your favourite mat and reformer exercises, as well as different cardio ‘stations’ to challenge your strength and fitness. Not suitable during pregnancy.


*Bubs welcome: You’re welcome to bring your bubs to class until they are crawling. Please check our “Bringing your Bubs to class” policy at reception. You are responsible for supervising your baby during the class.


Specially modified Pilates mat exercises aiming to improve core strength, muscle tone and build strength. Suitable throughout pregnancy and no prior experience is necessary. Utilising the resistance band to progressively increase your strength, we guarantee you will feel your thigh and bum muscles burning during this fun class! (And the next day!)

Reformer Advanced

When you have been coming for a while, you may feel ready for more emphasis on abdominal strength and cardiovascular fitness. The advanced Reformer class is not suitable during pregnancy but great for post-natal and beyond.


Class is conducted on the spring-loaded Reformer bed, providing a great strength and toning workout, suitable throughout pregnancy and beyond. No prior Pilates experience necessary. Classes are designed to improve general fitness and target common pregnancy concerns, so if you have specific issues or need a more individual program, book in for an assessment with one of our physios before commencing classes. That way you’ll be sure you are getting the most out of your classes.

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Bookings required for all classes.



View our timetable for session times.


Specials & Events

Mother's Group Sessions

Would you like to bring your Mother's group along for a customised class at a time that suits you?

Call us on ‭0409 868 413 or email info@fittodeliver.com.au to lock in a time.

Labour and Birth Skills

If you are between 30 and 38 weeks pregnant come along to our workshops to hear practical advice and practise skills to use during labour and delivery!!

We will focus on using practical, non-invasive, pain management techniques to use during labour.

Classes run approx. every 6 weeks.

Call us on ‭0409 868 413 or email info@fittodeliver.com.au for the next dates.

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