This week we celebrate Mother’s Day!

This week we celebrate Mother’s Day!

What are your plans for Sunday?
I adore reading the gorgeous cards my youngest son has been making at kinder, and opening the pressies from my 2 big boys, proudly purchased from the mothers day stall at school.

But Mother’s Day can also be a tricky and emotional time. It can be sad if our own Mums aren’t here to share the day with, or emotional for our mates who are struggling with infertility.

For those of us with kids already, does anyone else crack it that you can’t just do what you want with your own little family on Mother’s Day? I know I am going to sound ungrateful, but I would love nothing more than just chilling with my own little brood on Sunday, enjoying a lie in, reading the paper and drinking cups of tea in bed until 9.30am. So then it drives me crazy that I still get up at 6am and do all the jobs that I do every day – make the beds, put washing on, unpack the dishwasher, tidy the house, clean up after the kids make “special breakfast” and then rush around getting everyone ready to catch up with our parents and in-laws, as it’s their day too.


Here's what I do to make my Mother's Day great. A few years ago I came up with a new approach to Mother's Day. I get up early and head into the Mother’s Day Classic at the ‘Tan. I’m back by about 9.30am, invigorated and ready to open my cards and pressies. It also gives Matt and the kids a chance to make the beds, tidy up a bit and maybe even catch up with Matt’s mum for a coffee before I get back. Winning.


Whatever this Sunday looks like for you, Happy Mother’s Day!!!
Enjoy your special day.



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