REFORMER Brighton Mon 9:25am

Class is conducted on the spring-loaded Reformer bed, providing a great strength and toning workout, suitable throughout pregnancy and beyond. No prior Pilates experience necessary. Classes are designed to improve general fitness and target common pregnancy concerns, so if you have specific issues or need a more individual program, book in for an assessment with one of our physios before commencing classes. That way you'll be sure you are getting the most out of your classes.

Bubs welcome
You're welcome to bring your bubs to class until they are crawling. Children must remain closely supervised by you during the class. Please note that the instructor needs to concentrate on teaching the clients, not tend to the needs of your baby. Once babies are €on the move€ they will need to remain in the pram, as unfortunately it is not safe to allow children to play with the physiotherapy equipment during classes. Please check our "Bringing your Bubs to class" policy at reception.

Cancellation Policy
Fit to Deliver has a 4 hour cancellation policy for all sessions.
If you don't cancel your class, or give less than 4hrs notice you will be charged for the class.