Extra 10 classes on the schedule!

Extra 10 classes on the schedule!

You can now book classes at our sister studio “Fit Pilates” in East Brighton using your Fit to Deliver pass / membership. This gives you access to an additional 10 classes a week, including 2 extra Reformer classes on Saturday mornings!

You will see the additional classes clearly marked as “EAST BRIGHTON” and the studio is at 643 Nepean Hwy, East Brighton, underneath the Woodshed Gym.

Our Cochrane Street Fit to Deliver studio remains the best option if you are in the second half of your pregnancy, or you are bringing your bubs along. Fit Pilates classes are only suitable if you are post-natal or less than 20 weeks pregnant. There are no facilities for bringing your bubs.


So what’s the difference?

Fit to Deliver is our exclusive women’s health clinical pilates studio, with physio instructors you know and love. Classes are fun, safe and effective, focusing on building muscle tone and strength, with plenty of room for prams. These classes are great for all women, whether you are pregnant, 18 or 80. We embrace safe exercise that helps women remain healthy and strong throughout life.

Fit Pilates, the focus is more on fitness, so the classes have a similar flavour but will assume that you have no pain or issues that require physio modification. Classes are taught by pilates instructors and physios. There are 12 reformer beds and even boys are welcome!


Remember, if you’ve reached 20 weeks of pregnancy, you will be best catered for at Fit to Deliver.



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